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CMMs escort for our large fabrication services

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ZEISS MMZ G and ZEISS ACCAUR II CMMs and Leica AT-901 escort for our large fabrication services  

One of the essential workhorses for product verification is our coordinate measuring machine(CMM). We use it every day to qualify rapid prototypes and production parts that have complex geometries with tight tolerances.  So what is CMM?

CMM (coordinate measuring machine) is an advanced measurement machine to measure complex and large components. CMM is a device for measuring the physical characteristics of an object. The machine is controlled by a computer or an operator. CMM consists of 3-axis namely X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis. Measurement is done by the probe attached to the third moving axis. 

CMM record X, Y, Z coordinates of the object and generate point which analysis by a regression algorithm. These points are collected by Probe via direct computer control.

ZEISS Industrial Metrology is a leader in CNC coordinate measuring machines – CMMs – and multidimensional metrology in the lab and on the production floor.

We Openex have many advanced cnc machining centers that increase efficiency and product quality. In order to ensure the quality of our metal fabrication services, we've introduced two ZEISS CMMs, MMZ G large bridge CMM and ACCURA II bridge CMM, and one laser tracker Leica AT901.


ZEISS MMZ G Large bridge meet the highest demands: they feature the largest measuring range of all measuring machines offered by ZEISS and offer you unparalleled accuracy. This makes the ZEISS MMZ G ideal for checking complex, extremely large workpieces, especially those with tight tolerances. The MMZ is capable of measuring massive parts including printing machines, wind turbines, aerospace, and has numerous uses in the mechanical engineering field. 


ZEISS ACCURA bridge is covered with Foam Insulating Technology, a new type of high-performance insulation. The housing covers ensure maximum insulation and minimal thickness. This enables the operator to select a measuring lab temperature between 20℃ and 26℃.  This guarantees the measuring accuracy and measuring stability. The CMM itself has a measuring area of 2000mm in "X", 3000mm in "Y", and 1500mm in "Z".

The Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 is a portable measurement system that relies on a laser beam to accurately measure and inspect in a spherical volume of up to 160 m (525 ft). AT901 can gather 3D coordinates in 3 ways: by following a small mirrored sphere, also known as a reflector; by tracking a Leica T-Probe, a hand-held “walk-around” wireless contact probe; or by tracking a Leica T-Scan, a contactless high-speed laser scanner. Which measurement method you should use will depend on your application. This is the laser tracker that sets the new benchmark for aerospace and other large scales precision measurements such as windmill blade inspection or industrial machinery alignment. The Leica AT901 can be used in numerous industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Power Generation, Defence, etc.

Our advanced measuring instruments and strict quality control could ensure better heavy machining services.

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