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CNC Machining Farm Machinery Spare Parts Iron Casting

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Basic Info

Material Inspection Report
Dimension Report
ISO 9001:2008
OEM and ODM Are Welcomed
Iron Casting
Transport Package
Pallet, Wooden Case or as Your Requirement
Ningbo, China

Product Description

production details:

Grey/Ductile Iron Castings:                                      
1) Molding process: Resin sand/Green Sand/Investment Casting
2) Material: EN-GJS-400-15/ EN-GJS-450-10/EN-GJS-500-7/EN-GJS-600-3.
GGG40, GGG50, GGG60.
3) Molding: Hand molding/Molding machine/Molding line.
4) Possible Heat Treatment: Annealing.
5) Industry involved: Municipal industry/Construction industry/ Fluid industry/Automotive industry
6) Part unit weight range: 2kg-3000kgs
7) Max/Min wall thickness requirements: 5mm-250mm
8) Manufacturer Certification: ISO9001(2000)/ TS16949

Why Choose Us
1) Experience in casting for over 26 years and served customers all around the world.
2) Standard material according to technical drawing
3)Stable quality
4) On-time delivery
5) Competitive price and good service
6) Positive customer feedback from domestic and international market
7) International advanced-level equipment such as CNC, numerical lathes, furnance, welding
  equipment, CMM and detect &testing equipment we used to ensure our product's quality.
8) OEM service, your demand is our pursued.
9) ISO9001:2008 and TS16949 quality control
10) Standard: ASTM BS DIN etc

1. What are the main materials of your products?
We are focused on casting and processing of grey iron and ductile iron products.
2. What is your MOQ?
We will arrange production based on your drawings and deliver your products as per your requirements. We will do our best to meet your demands.
3. Do you make the molds by yourself?
We are facilitated with advanced Mold making equipment and CNC processing machining center. Therefore, we can make molds independently.
4. What are your advantages?
1) Professional staff
2) 26 years of casting experience
3) Rigorous quality control system
4) On-time delivery rate is over 98%


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