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Common Glossary in Sheet Metal Fabrication

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Common Glossary in Sheet Metal Fabrication

Assembly – the action of putting together individual or partially assembled units to build a complete product.

Base metal – the sheet of metal that is to be cut, bent, or punched.

Bending – the process of applying pressure to specific areas of the base metal to achieve the desired shape.

Blanking – removing a piece from the entirety of the base metal, where the piece is kept and the remaining metal around it is discarded. Like a cookie-cutter. Blanking typically occurs prior to bending but can happen while forming, depending on the machine.

CAD – shot for “computer-aided design”, engineers use CAD software to design 2D and 3D models.

Coining – a different design is created on each side of the metal or on just the top layer and not throughout – usually used for fine detail.

Cutting – the use of blades, torches, lasers, and other means to remove pieces of sheet metal.

Die(Press brake) – the cavity below a piece of sheet metal that allows the punch to pierce the metal.

Embossing – one side of the material is raised while the other is depressed.

Forming – the process of cutting, punching, or bending sheet metal to create a desired shape.

Hard tooling – sheet metal stamping

Lancing – a slice or slit made in a piece of metal to free it up without separating it from the main piece.

Laser cutting – an extremely precise method of cutting that uses a concentrated beam of light. Also used by evil geniuses.

Machining/Milling – the controlled removal of material using a cutting tool or lathe.

Nesting – strategically fitting multiple parts on a single sheet of metal to reduce waste. Commonly arranged automatically by nesting software.

Pemming – the installation of threaded hardware(usually a specific set of threaded fasteners) to allow for assembly; includes nuts, studs, and standoffs.

Plasma cutting – the use of concentrated ionized gas(plasma) to melt away portions of sheet metal. Less precise than laser cutting.

Powder coating – a dry powder surface coating that’s applied to final metal pieces. When heated, it forms a bond with the metal, ensuring a lasting finish and color.

Press brake – a machine that forms predetermined angles, or bends, by squeezing a sheet of metal between a matching punch and a die.

Punch (Press Brake) – the tool above a die that uses compression to create a bend or piece a piece of sheet metal.

Riveting – the installation of a mechanical fastener, or rivet, through a hole in the material to hold two or more pieces of sheet metal together.

Set-up time – the amount of time it takes to set up the proper dies and punches for a job. This time varies depending on the complexity of the part and machine.

Shearing – a form of cutting in which downward force is applied to sheet metal, causing it to break cleanly.

Soft tooling – the sheet metal fabrication processes that include laser cutting, turret punches, and press brake forming.

Stamping – accomplished using steel dies – progressive and stage – that is designed to stamp, bend, and form sheet metal.

Tonnage – the amount of pressure applied by a press.

Turret – a type of punch press used to punch sheet metal. Named after the rotating turret head above the metal that rotates to change tools.

Welding – the joining together of two or more pieces of metal by melting or soldering them together, types include TIG, MIG, projection, and spot welding.

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