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custom metal fabrication

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Custom Metal Fabrication

Openex – one of the leading metal fabrication companies in China, is a full-service custom metal fabrication supplier, who is dedicated to the manufacturing of small to large size metal parts with on-time delivery and quality assurance that meets or even exceeds our customers' satisfaction. We had fabricated metal products and machines for aviation, machinery, marine, transportation, power and energy and oil and gas, etc industry, like sheet metal work, structural steels, machine body, tanks or pressure vessels, tube sheet, plates, beams, etc.

Our Metal Fabrication Capability:

Laser Cutting: Max size 27000x3500mm; Max thickness 25mm; Tolerance ±0.3mm

Plasma Cutting: Max size 25000x3200mm; Max thickness 70mm; Tolerance ±2.5mm

Water-jet Cutting: Max Size 8500x4010mm; Max thickness 200mm; Tolerance ±2mm

Torch Cutting: Max size 18000x5000mm; Max thickness 300mm; Tolerance±2.5mm

Press Braking: Max length 15000mm; Max thickness 100mm; Tolerance ±1°

Plate Rolling: Max width 4100mm; Max thickness 200mm(cold),300mm(hot); ±0.2%ID

Machining: Max size 46000x8000x7000mm; Tolerance ±0.05mm

Metal Fabrication Gallery:

custom metal fabrication

custom metal fabrication

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