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How does large steel fabrication help the chemical cargo ship?

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In the last few years, we’ve offered steel fabrication services for about 40 duplex stainless steel chemical cargo ships. The total weight of processed stainless steel was up to 38000 tons. By the end of June this year, we have completed the stainless-steel fabrication services of 8, total 3300DWT, chemical cargo ships for Jiangsu New Times Shipbuilding Co. At present, we still have the large fabrication projects for more than 10 large tonnage chemical cargo ships to process from other shipbuilding companies, and orders have already been scheduled to the second half of next year.

According to the statistics from China Shipbuilding Industry Association, the national shipbuilding completion in the year 2020 is about 35.3 million DWT, and the new ship orders undertaking is 21.1 million DWT.

The shipbuilding industry has a great demand for stainless steel. Thanks to the continuous breakthroughs made in the research and development and the application of duplex stainless steel, many domestic shipyards have successfully completed the localization of stainless-steel chemical tankers. According to the relevant statistics, there will be a total of 283 refined oil, chemical cargo ships with 6.3 million DWT by the end of the year, among which the DWT of chemical tankers need duplex stainless steel is about 2 million. It’s estimated that about 120 thousand tons of duplex stainless steel will be needed.

In recent years, Chinese iron & steel enterprises have rapidly developed especially in the R&D of duplex stainless steel. Breakthroughs have been made at AOD furnace smelting nitrogen precise control, thermoplastic control, heat treatment, efficient pickling, welding, and composite material manufacturing, they have already developed a series of duplex stainless steels whose quality and performance are increasingly improved. It supports a lot in shipbuilding.

We take fabrication, sale, and technical service as a modern comprehensive steel service with metal fabrication centers, modern inspection centers, and 9 processing centers include cutting, slitting, grinding, forming, welding, heat treatment, machining, assembling, painting.

The chemical cargo ship plate made from duplex stainless steel which has a very high technical requirement at welding, corrosion resistance, scratch preventing, grinding, pickling, and passivating. Especially the design of the corrugated bulkhead, not only needs to ensure stability but also to enhance the strength, rigidity, and corrosion resistance. And the number of every ship's parts can be up to several thousand, the huge amount of product categories is a severe test of material control, production site management, planning control. That why it’s difficult to fabricate the chemical cargo ship plate.

Over the years, we’ve introduced advanced processing equipment from abroad, and now have large, medium, small machining centers, boring and milling machines, deep drilling machines, 5 Axis machining centers, multi-hole drilling machines, etc. We have the welding capacity of large steel structures, duplex stainless steel ship plate, pressure vessels, cylinders, and so on. Our welding processes including NGW (Narrow gap welding), BESW (strip surfacing), automatic arc welding, GMAW, rod arc welding, plasma welding, etc. And we are ISO, CE, ASME, API, LR, AWS certified.

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