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Introduction of metal roof panels

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Xiamen is the first as well as the biggest metal roof panel manufacturing center in China.


Looking for Cold bending machine for roof panel making? Xiamen will give you a lot of choices of quality and prices.


Looking for the trendiest model of roof panel? Xiamen is the best place for you to update your knowledge.


The most common roof panel available in the market is painted metal roof panels with many shapes for you to choose. You can easily find a plant topped by painted or Aluzinc roof panels anywhere in the world. Steel structure with metal roof is the standard construction material for industrial buildings like plant, warehouse, garage, hangar etc.


With the development of solar technologies, metal roof panels are enabled with many environmental friendly functions, for example, solar mounting system which makes the roof not only a roof itself but also a generator of energy for heating and cooling.,


What can this new system do?


The flint heat mat absorbs heat from the air and removes the heat from the panels

Heat is transferred for heating and hot water for bath and kitchen


Besides these types there are sandwich roof panels which are heat insulated. 

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