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Large turning and milling

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Openex Mechanical Technology Ltd is one of very few companies that can provide a full range of metalworking services to customers worldwide. Our service include:

  • cnc machining (milling, turning, boring, drilling and grinding especially for large workpiece)

  • Cutting (laser cutting, plasma cutting, water-jet cutting, torch cutting)

  • Press Braking

  • Plate Rolling

  • Hydraulic Pressing

  • Section Bending

  • Welding (robotic welding, plasma welding, strip surfacing welding)

  • casting (aluminum casting, iron casting, steel casting)

Our comprehensive metalworking service span most of the industries, such as:

Machinery, Rail Transit, Power/Energy, Boat/Bridge, Infrasture, Oil/Gas, Aero Space, etc.

Large turning and milling

Our featured service: we provide extraordinarily large and heavy machined components with high accuracy for industries like Nuclear, Aerospace, Oil & Gas and Marine

Our company continually invests in the world-class machining equipment to fulfill your complex and large machining needs.

large turning, large milling, large boring, etc.

See our Star CNC Machining Model:

SCHIESS VERTIMASTER VMG 6PS-Double Gantry Milling and Boring Machine

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