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Rail industry case: pump for track change

Posted by: Yoyokuo 2021-08-18 Comments Off on Rail industry case: pump for track change

Some one from Linkedin just asked me what we do for rail industry.

Well, actually we can do a lot of things as long as it is about metal.  Openex is a custom metalworking service provider for mant industries. The most important thing is you have your drawings done and clarify all your tolerances. Then the rest things will be taken care by us. From production, inspection and logistics will be handled properly by us.

Here is a case we served for rail industry: a hydraulic based pump. It is made of 20CrMo. Lathing, milling, fitting and other processing is needed. people in the rail industry can finally figure out what this is used for. As the drawings are provided by our client, we can not release any other figures here. You bring your drawings, we make it true.

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