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Alumina powder usher in business opportunities

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With the accelerated construction of 5G communication networks and terminal equipment on a global scale, the consumer electronics industry chain has ushered in a brand new track. In June this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China officially issued 5G commercial licenses, pushing the popularity of 5G to a new high. It is estimated that 5G will drive the growth of China’s digital economy by 15.2 trillion yuan from 2020 to 2025.

The cover glass is mainly used as an important part of the touch device, covering the surface of the touch screen, and interdependent with 3C products. At present, the main applicable objects of glass cover products are touch screen products such as mobile phone lenses (LENS), tablet computers, digital photo frames, car navigation systems, MP4 lenses, and some products that need to be decorated and protected with glass covers, such as mobile phone back shell decoration Glass etc.

High-alumina glass has stable AlO4 tetrahedrons in its structure, and its structural network has relatively large voids, which is conducive to the diffusion of alkali ions, absorbs the large volume of K in molten salt, and promotes ion exchange, so it is widely used after chemical tempering In the field of cover glass. Studies have shown that the higher the alumina content in the glass composition, the better the performance of the glass after tempering. Therefore, the process of adding alumina in glass has become the core technology for preparing high-alumina glass. At present, the alumina content of high-quality high-aluminum glass on the market is basically between 15%-23%, and the high-alumina glass of Corning Corporation of the United States has an alumina content of more than 21%.

It is reported that in the field of cover glass, Rainbow Group, a leading company in cover glass in China, has produced products with an alumina content of more than 18%, and even the second-generation product CG-21 has an alumina content of 23%, and its performance is basically comparable to the standard. Corning. And through advanced ion exchange strengthening technology, the comprehensive strength of high-alumina glass has been increased by 3 times, and the bending resistance has been increased by more than 20%, making the front and rear glass cover fragile and damage problems represented by smartphones effective. The solution.

With the advent of the 5G era, with the increase of signal frequency, the loss of signal shielding by structural materials will further increase, which requires that the product body design needs to select structural materials with lower signal shielding and lower loss. The high-aluminum cover glass can just meet the needs of these characteristics, and the production cost is relatively low. Therefore, its application space will be greatly improved.

On May 1, 2019, the national standard GB/T36259-2018 “High-alumina silica glass for touch screen cover” also clearly stated that the alumina content of high-aluminum cover glass should not be less than 12%. The importance of alumina application in the field of cover glass can be seen. The popularization and application of 5G has pointed out a way for alumina powder manufacturers in the application of high-aluminum cover glass.

It is reported that the domestic fine alumina Henan Changxing Industrial Co., Ltd. has been supplying the market steadily in batches. The aluminum oxide content of its products exclusively for cover glass is greater than 99.89%, the α phase conversion rate is greater than 97%, and the Na2O+K2O content is about 0.024%, which is beneficial to ion exchange in applications, thereby enhancing the strength of the cover glass.

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Link to this article:Alumina powder usher in business opportunities

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