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New laser cladding alloy material project settled in Qinghai

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On April 29, the first production line of the new laser cladding alloy material project was put into operation in the Qinghai National High-tech Industrial Development Zone Equipment Manufacturing Park. The project was led by the Institute of Aerospace Information, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

 Laser cladding alloy material is a general term for the materials consumed during cladding. It is a new metal alloy material. It melts different additives with the surface of the substrate simultaneously by laser irradiation or melting, and forms an intermolecular bond with the surface of the substrate. , This will significantly improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, oxidation resistance, and salt-alkali resistance of the substrate surface, and significantly improve the mechanical properties such as tensile strength and yield strength of structural steel. This material has outstanding advancement, environmental protection and wide promotion. It is a basic material for high-end equipment manufacturing, and it is also a consumable material. The laser cladding alloy material resources are processed and processed to produce flux-cored welding wire products, which are “sewing threads” and “adhesives” for steel, mainly used in equipment manufacturing, shipbuilding, petroleum and petrochemical, infrastructure construction, and energy The connection and reinforcement of key parts in the fields of transportation and ocean engineering have an irreplaceable special effect on the quality of equipment manufacturing, and the market prospect is broad.

The high strength, high wear resistance, heat resistance, laser cladding alloy materials developed and produced by the laser cladding technology team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences are important varieties of cladding materials with high technical difficulties and wide applications. They are used in coal mining machinery, metal smelting, heavy machinery and other industries. It has achieved remarkable application results and is a classic representative of new materials in the Made in China 2025 plan.

It is understood that laser cladding is a new type of surface modification technology that uses a laser beam to heat the surface of the cladding material and the substrate, so that the required special materials are welded to the surface of the workpiece. Compared with commonly used surfacing and plasma spray welding (coating) technologies, laser cladding technology has a series of outstanding features: the structure of the cladding layer is small and dense, the hardness of the coating layer is higher, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance Better; The cladding layer and the substrate are metallurgically combined; the cladding layer dilution rate is low (only 5%-8%), and a thinner cladding layer can be used to achieve the required performance requirements; the laser beam power density is high, and the heating temperature is high, The choice of cladding materials is wider; the heat-affected zone is small, and the workpiece is less deformed; the quality of the cladding is stable, and it is easy to realize automatic production. 

According to the method of supplying cladding materials, laser cladding can be divided into preset laser cladding and synchronous powder-feeding laser cladding. Preset laser cladding is achieved by first placing the cladding material on the cladding part on the surface of the substrate, and then scanning the cladding material and the surface of the substrate with a laser beam. The preset material can be in the state of wire, board, powder, etc. The most commonly used is alloy powder. The presetting of materials can be carried out by thermal spraying and bonding methods. The coating preset by thermal spraying method is uniform, high efficiency, not easy to peel off, but the powder utilization rate is low, and the operation procedure is more complicated; the bonding preset method uses varnish, water glass, cellulose, alcohol rosin solution, isopropyl Alcohol, transparent glue, etc. are used as adhesives, mixed with alloy powder into a paste, pre-coated on the cladding part and dried. The bonding method is economical and convenient, but this method has the pre-layer easy to peel off and poor thermal conductivity. Consuming more laser energy, the decomposition of the adhesive is likely to cause defects such as pollution and pores in the cladding layer, and it is more difficult to achieve large-area coating.

The project is undertaken by Qinghai Zhongke Kuntai Laser Cladding New Materials Co., Ltd. According to the company’s general manager Ma Youxuan, Qinghai has a dry climate and is upgrading its green development mode, which is very suitable for the production of environmentally friendly new laser cladding alloy materials. At the same time, laser cladding and high-speed spraying belong to additive manufacturing and remanufacturing technologies, which are used in the maintenance and repair of large-scale machinery. They can serve many industrial enterprises in Qinghai and even the northwest region, and contribute to the development of the “Qinghai Equipment Qinghai” strategy. Implement.

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Link to this article:New laser cladding alloy material project settled in Qinghai

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