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Carbon nanotube reinforced aluminum wire comes out!

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On August 14, the reporter learned that YTCAmerica, a California-based subsidiary of Yazaki, a car wire company with a history of nearly 100 years, claimed that their R&D staff had developed a carbon replacement for car copper wires. Nanotube reinforced aluminum wire is cheaper and lighter than existing solutions.

Although aluminum wire is 85% cheaper, there are two main problems with aluminum wire replacing copper wire. The conductivity is only 60%, and the strength is only 30%. Yazaki said that by adding a small amount of carbon nanotubes to aluminum, strength and conductivity can be improved. Stefan Maat, YTCAmerica’s development director, said, “The strength of this rod is similar to that of copper wire, but it has actually exceeded the strength of steel.”

He went on to point out that carbon nanotube materials also have excellent heat resistance. Although ordinary aluminum wires cannot withstand excessively high temperatures, aluminum carbon nanotube materials can, which allows it to be used in high-current fields such as electric vehicle battery cables.

In fact, China is at the forefront of the world in the development and industrialization of similar reinforced aluminum materials.

In 2014, the Aeronautical Materials Institute used aluminum alloy powder and graphene powder in a certain proportion to produce “ene alloy”, its yield strength and tensile strength were increased by 58% and 25%, the world’s first use of graphene manufacturing A new approach to high-end alloy materials.

Graphene aluminum alloy wire rods are made of aluminum powder and graphene as the main raw materials. The high strength and good conductivity of graphene and the coexistence of coarse and fine aluminum powder production are used to compound the two to prepare graphene. /Aluminum composite material, which can improve the strength and conductivity of aluminum cables, so as to meet the urgent needs of overhead transmission lines for new aluminum conductor cables with high strength and good conductivity.

In November 2017, Xinjiang Zhonghe Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Qianhai Enhui Material Technology Partnership (Limited Partnership) and Sino-Ocean Technology jointly invested and established Xinjiang Enjin Graphene Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Enjin Company”). Xinjiang Zhonghe holds 51% of its shares, and Sino-Ocean Technology holds 9% of its shares. The main product of the company is graphene aluminum alloy wire rods.

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Link to this article:Carbon nanotube reinforced aluminum wire comes out!

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