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Assist the development of 5G heat dissipation non-metallic materials

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In order to better implement the strategic conception of learning, research, production and urbanization, promote the in-depth integration of technology and industry, and create the industrial ecology of the park, on May 13, the “new The inauguration ceremony of the “Materials Joint R&D Center” was held in CIMC Zhigu. 

Fang Shaowen, Director of Dongguan Songshan Lake Science and Technology Innovation Bureau, Qin Gang, Assistant President of CIMC, Chen Wen, Vice President of Wuhan University of Technology, Yang Dabin, Chairman of Guangdong Hongjin, and CIMC Industrial City Director and Executive General Manager Zhang Yiping, leaders and guests attended the unveiling ceremony.

The “New Materials Joint R&D Center” will use the industrial service platform provided by CIMC Industrial City, relying on the discipline resources of Wuhan University of Technology in the fields of high-performance ceramics and advanced composite materials, information functional materials and devices, and advanced new energy materials. Integrating Guangdong Hongjin, a company in the Park of Wisdom Valley, as the carrier, promotes the comprehensive cooperation of the new material industry in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, joint training of scientific and technological talents, collaborative cultivation of scientific and technological innovation enterprises, and creation of innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystems, and explores the construction of a new material industry ecosystem and Innovative resource sharing platform, create new material production and service IP resources, form a cooperation mechanism such as resource complementation, standardization construction, key core technology research and development, functional platform construction, talent training and exchange, promotion and application of new materials, and fostering the application of new models. The new material research and development, process, manufacturing, and surface treatment industry chain will accelerate the collaboration in the field of new materials, such as achievement certification, testing and inspection, and innovative applications. Through integrated operations, it will effectively promote the clustering of the new material industry and the collaborative development of innovation in the park.

At present, the R&D center is composed of a scanning electron microscope room, a metallographic microscope room, a direct reading spectroscopy room, a thermal analysis room, a metallographic sample preparation room, a heat treatment room, a mechanical property testing room, an electrochemical studio, etc. It will become a “5G heat dissipation A public technical service platform for technology research and development and achievement transfer in the field of non-metallic materials and products, and high-performance aluminum alloys for transportation. The establishment of this R&D center is an important measure for CIMC Industry City to implement the operational services of the industrial park. It will become the “Industrial Bonder” of CIMC Industry City in the field of new materials, serving the relevant park entry of CIMC Industry City. Enterprises will also be open to the society and contribute to the construction of “Bay Area City, Quality Dongguan”.

New materials refer to newly developed or developing structural materials with excellent properties and functional materials with special properties. Structural materials mainly use their mechanical properties such as strength, toughness, hardness, and elasticity. Such as new ceramic materials, amorphous alloys (metallic glass) and so on. Functional materials mainly use their electrical, optical, acoustic, magnetic, thermal and other functions and physical effects. In recent years, new materials researched and developed in the world mainly include new metal materials, fine ceramics and optical fibers.

The output value of the world’s materials industry is growing at an annual rate of about 30%. New chemical materials, microelectronics, optoelectronics, and new energy have become the most active, fastest-growing, and most promising new materials fields for investors. Material innovation has become a driving force. One of the important driving forces for the progress of human civilization has also promoted the development of technology and the upgrading of industries.

New chemical materials are one of the emerging industries in the low-carbon economy field supported by the state. According to the “Decision on Accelerating the Cultivation and Development of Strategic Emerging Industries” and the “Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan for the New Materials Industry”, the new chemical materials industry has become The leading industry of the national economy; the “Petroleum and Chemical Industry “Twelfth Five-Year” Science and Technology Development Plan Outline” proposes that by 2015, the gap between the overall technological level of domestic high-end chemical new materials and developed countries will be reduced to about 10 years, reaching the international level at the beginning of this century. Advanced level; “Petrochemical and Chemical Industry “Twelfth Five-Year” Development Plan” proposes that the development of new chemical materials in the “Twelfth Five-Year” period includes: special synthetic rubber, engineering plastics, high-performance fibers, fluorosilicone materials, degradable materials, and functionality Membrane materials, functional polymer materials and composite materials.

There is a huge market gap in the domestic new chemical material market. Imports account for most of the domestic market share. The overall self-sufficiency rate of domestic new chemical materials is about 56%. The self-sufficiency rate of new chemical materials in new fields is only 52%. Engineering plastics and specialties The rubber self-sufficiency rate is only 35% and 30%.

New chemical materials products will experience fluctuations in product gross profit margins and rising import substitution rates. In the process of import substitution of new chemical materials, the contradiction of oversupply of most products is not prominent, and some products are in short supply. The capacity expansion of enterprises with core technologies can obtain profits proportional to investment, and most enterprises can achieve sustained and rapid growth. High barriers bring high returns. The gross profit margin of cutting-edge chemical new materials is above 70%, far exceeding the industry average profit of about 15% for bulk chemicals.

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Link to this article:Assist the development of 5G heat dissipation non-metallic materials

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