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"Aluminum Baosteel" is rising in the Beibu Gulf!

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     Fangcheng Port, Guangxi, the most convenient access to the sea in southwestern China, is also an important gateway for the organic connection of the “Belt and Road” initiative.

 Relying on the convenient ocean transportation conditions of the Beibu Gulf, a large aluminum industrial base for China Aluminum Group Co., Ltd. to realize the domestic and overseas “two seas” strategy and promote industrial transformation and upgrading is rising here. As the main contractor of the project, China Aluminum International Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Aluminum International”) is continuing to write a new glorious chapter in the hot land of Beibu Gulf with its proprietary technology and comprehensive capabilities.

      Major project in the small town to build a benchmarking project for Chinalco’s transformation and upgrading is located in Qisha Town, southeast of Fangchenggang City, surrounded by the sea on three sides. With the national nuclear power project, the overall relocation project of Liuzhou Steel, the Shenglong metallurgical project, the Hebei Iron and Steel project, and the Jinchuan Group copper smelting project, the small Qisha Town is becoming a hot spot of hope.

  China Aluminum Group also focused its attention on this small town. In March 2017, Chinalco Group and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region signed the “Framework Agreement on Cooperative Construction of Guangxi Ecological Aluminum Industrial Base” to implement my country’s “One Belt One Road” initiative and decided to use the superior port conditions of Fangcheng Port to lay out large-scale aluminum industrial bases—— Guangxi Huasheng alumina and supporting projects.

  On September 17, 2018, Aluminum Corporation of China announced that it plans to invest 5.805 billion yuan to build a new alumina project in Fangchenggang, Guangxi. The project will be implemented and operated by Guangxi Huasheng New Materials Co., Ltd.

  On September 28 of the same year, the groundbreaking ceremony of the Fangchenggang project in Guangxi Ecological Aluminum Industrial Base was held, announcing the start of the construction of Guangxi Huasheng’s 2 million tons alumina project, marking that the construction of the Fangchenggang Ecological Aluminum Project has entered a substantive stage.

  The construction scale of the project is 4 million tons of alumina, 800,000 tons of aluminum water, supporting heating facilities, and aluminum processing. Among them, the first phase of the construction is a 2 million tons alumina production line.

  As the main supplier of Chinalco’s technology and the main force in engineering construction, Chinalco International is responsible for the design and construction. At present, Chinalco International has reached a unified consensus and is advancing along the goal of high-quality development, and is committed to building word-of-mouth projects and brand projects. The landing of the Huasheng project undoubtedly provides an important opportunity for Chinalco International to demonstrate its capabilities for high-quality development.

  ”Chinalco International has unique advantages. We are a technology-led engineering company, which is different from other engineering companies.” said Wu Jianqiang, chairman of Chinalco International. It is understood that Chinalco International has the technology of the entire industrial chain of non-ferrous metal industry prospecting, mining, mine construction, smelting and metal processing, and has the entire process business of non-ferrous metal industry planning, consulting, survey, design, bidding, supervision, and construction. A leader in the field of non-ferrous construction listed in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Currently, in the Guangxi Huasheng project, Chinalco International has 9 internal construction companies, namely the 12th Metallurgical, Shandong Engineering, Sixth Metallurgical, Tianjin Construction, Changsha Research Institute, Shenyang Research Institute, Guiyang Research Institute, Nine Metallurgical Research Institute and Changkan hospital. Participated in the construction of 18 sub-items, covering exploration, design, construction, supervision and testing and testing. The sub-items under construction include raw materials, dissolution, sedimentation, seeding, roasting, comprehensive filtration, evaporation, alumina storage, transportation and packaging, and red mud transportation, pressure The main technological processes such as filtration account for 70% of the engineering volume of the entire project.

The Huasheng project is a new model for Chinalco to further integrate Guangxi’s overall industrial layout, take advantage of Guangxi’s coastal location, make full use of both domestic and foreign markets and resources, and develop a new model for the development of the industry. It also promotes the landing of the aluminum industry in Fangchenggang City. Take root to promote the transformation and upgrading of Guangxi aluminum industry.

  After the completion of the project, it will rely on the 2 million tons alumina project to extend the industrial chain and create an aluminum industrial cluster with the entire industrial chain of aluminum terminals, alumina, green ecological aluminum, and aluminum processing. Ge Honglin, then chairman of Chinalco Group, pointed out that Guangxi Huasheng should be built into Chinalco Group’s alumina production technology advanced, non-owned mine alumina production benchmark enterprise with the best efficiency. To this end, he asked the owners and construction units to unite sincerely, overcome difficulties, and jointly build Guangxi Huasheng into the future “aluminum Baosteel”.

  The Huasheng project is of great strategic significance, but to complete the high-quality construction, it is an arduous and difficult task for Chinalco as the main contractor of the project.

  In this regard, Zong Xiaoping, President of China Aluminum International, clearly pointed out that it is necessary to promote the application and transformation of scientific and technological achievements and serve the high-quality development of the main business. “The group’s ‘4+4+4’ strategy has brought unprecedented new opportunities to the development of the engineering technology sector. In order to accelerate the implementation of the new pattern of high-quality development, China Aluminum International and its member companies must use their own technological advantages to improve the service group’s main business. A sense of the overall situation injects innovation momentum into the group’s high-quality development.” Zong Xiaoping said.

Despite the severe operating situation and the increasing downward pressure on the domestic and foreign economies, Chinalco International attaches great importance to the construction of the Huasheng project, actively cooperates with Chinalco’s reform and development strategy, and uses the entire company to ensure that the Huasheng project becomes a benchmark project .

  At the beginning of the project, Chinalco International was deeply involved in the whole process of project survey, design, bidding, and construction. At the same time, the member companies of Chinalco International actively participate in the bidding of various stages of the project organized by the owners. As of October 2019, 9 secondary units under Chinalco International have won 17 bids for the Huasheng project, with a total amount of approximately 1.5 billion yuan.

“As of now, about 2,300 people from Chinalco International have worked together on the construction site and various bidding sections. We have to fight a turnaround on the Huasheng project and build a first-class project and a benchmark project.” China Aluminum International Guangxi Huasheng Project Tian Fuquan, deputy head of the coordination group, said.

  In February 2019, Wu Jianqiang became the chairman of Chinalco International. As one of the three major engineering projects of China Aluminum International, the Huasheng project is personally in charge of Wu Jianqiang. On the third day of taking office, Wu Jianqiang went to the relevant units to start communication and coordination, and rushed to the site for investigation within half a month. At least one team member came to the site every month to become a mechanism to coordinate problems that occurred on site in a timely manner, which greatly boosted the morale of employees.

  For the Huasheng project, China Aluminum International established a project site coordination team. Wang Yonghong, vice president of Chinalco International, served as the leader of the coordination group, and staff from various units of Chinalco International who have extensive experience in engineering construction were transferred to form an on-site coordination group.

  ”The coordination group has two main responsibilities, one is to serve the owners, and the other is to supervise and coordinate the internal construction enterprises of Chinalco International to ensure quality and safety in accordance with the requirements of the owners, and complete each bid section on schedule.” Tian Fuquan said. In addition, the coordination group is also responsible for coordinating and solving the difficulties and problems encountered by the participating units in the construction of the project, and is responsible for regular assessment of the work of the participating units in the Huasheng project.

  At its headquarters in Beijing, Chinalco International has also established a video early adjustment meeting system. Members of Chinalco International’s team, heads of relevant departments and project departments of participating units participated in the meeting. The on-site coordination team reports on the project construction progress, quality, safety and other matters. Chinalco International arranges and deploys important work, bites the project progress, solves on-site problems in a timely and efficient manner, and plays a key role in the advancement of the project.

  At the project site, they put forward a series of concepts such as “owner is always right”, “progress is cost”, “accelerating progress is reducing cost”, returning to the essence of the market and continuously strengthening the concept of service consciousness.

  ”I am a party member, I am on the front line”

   Carrying forward the role of pioneer and exemplary battle fortress As soon as we drove into the Fangchenggang Ecological Aluminum Industrial Base, the large propaganda sign “I am a party member, I am on the front line” was particularly eye-catching.

  Behind this propaganda sign is the construction site of the Huasheng project in full swing. A group of more than 40 youth commandos from Liuye are conducting live activities at the construction site, and the party flags in the team are hunting and hunting in the wind. The banner slogan “Working hard for 100 days, working hard to surpass, everything is possible” is hung horizontally on the construction site. Such party member activities often occur at the Huasheng project site.

  In 2019, the Party Committee of Chinalco International took the theme education of “not forgetting the original intention and keeping in mind the mission” as an important starting point for gathering consensus among all members and solving development problems. “Build the branch on the project”, with the “five-one good” as the starting point, clarify and standardize the party building work of the project department.

  So far, Chinalco International has led its business activities with party building, and has taken a deep root in the Huasheng project.

In June 2019, in order to improve the party building work level of the project departments of the Huasheng project affiliated to China Aluminum International, and to further strengthen the coordination of the project departments, China Aluminum International made a temporary provision for the establishment of the China Aluminum International Guangxi Huasheng Project The decision of the Party Branch Committee. According to the decision, during the construction of the project, all participating units need to establish a party branch, which will be managed by the Guangxi Huasheng temporary party general branch. The temporary party branch has 5 branch committees, including 1 secretary.

  To start a business, we must first have a strong leadership team. The establishment of Guangxi Huasheng’s temporary general party branch strengthened the leadership of the party branches of the project departments of the participating units, gave full play to the leadership core role of the party organization, the role of fighting fortresses, and the vanguard and exemplary role of party members to promote project construction. “Use the party spirit to play a leading role, take the lead in fighting the heat, fighting the scorching heat, and setting an example. It has played a major role in the construction of the project.” said Wang Yonghong, vice president of China Aluminum International and leader of the Huasheng project coordination team. .

  Facing the critical stage of project construction, in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of all units, the Temporary Party Branch of Chinalco International Huasheng Project decided to establish an evaluation mechanism. Each month, the top three and the last one are selected from 9 units and 17 projects under Chinalco International, and rewards of 50,000 yuan, 30,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan will be given to the top three. For the unit ranked last for two consecutive months, the leaders of Chinalco International will have an interview with the main person in charge of the company.

The establishment of the temporary general party branch of the Chinalco Huasheng Project has become Chinalco International’s focus on the fundamental tasks to implement well, and combine with the original aspiration and mission to manage the “critical minority”, further promote the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, and accelerate the construction of the industry Important measures for benchmarking projects.

  Party members on the front line mean that they must have the spirit of responsibility and dedication. “We must be the vanguard here, and work together to build a construction team that is executive, cohesive and responsible.” Chen Yudong, commander of the Huasheng Project Headquarters of Liuye Great Wall Construction, told reporters. Since the start of the project, he has been transferred here from the Yunnan site project. His project department has undertaken five projects including pipeline dissolution, gas suspension roaster, plant-wide integrated pipe network, integrated circulating water, and power distribution room three bidding section. .

   “The division of labor is in place, the responsibilities are clear and clear, and the ideas are rooted in the project.” At the first working meeting, Chen Yudong put forward requirements for his team. Liuye Great Wall Construction has a project department, 6 functional departments and 2 offices, and 53 supporting management personnel, including 15 party members. The number of on-site construction personnel exceeds 600, making it one of the units with the largest number of construction personnel in the whole plant.

  In this project, the most difficult thing to do is the construction of the plant-wide integrated pipe network. The project has a long battle line, extensive specialties, tight construction period, large turnover of construction materials, and a large number of personnel. This project has invested nearly 300 personnel and 30 construction machines and tools. In order to support this project, they specially prepared a report and arranged a battle plan. “As a party member, we must lead by example and lead everyone. To build a team, we should start from ourselves. Everyone starts from ourselves, and this team has power.” Chen Yudong said.

  The 70-meter-high decomposition and classification tank, with more than 30 tanks densely packed on the construction site, looks spectacular from a distance.

  For Dong Li, the executive manager of the Huasheng Project of Twelfth Metallurgical Industry, the Huasheng project is their “life engineering” and “name rectification project”. The decomposition and classification project and the red mud settlement project undertaken by the 12th Metallurgical Group are one of the most difficult projects in the entire project, but they have been stubborn and determined to use the high-quality construction of the Huasheng project to justify their name.

  The non-standard tanks in the decomposition and classification project undertaken by them are one of the largest in the history of alumina construction. “In the past, a tank had a diameter of 14 meters, and now it has reached 16 meters, and its weight has increased from more than 200 tons to nearly 500 tons. The construction is very difficult.” Dong Li told reporters. In addition, the height of the decomposition and classification equipment is high. The tallest tank has reached 75 meters, and as many as 30 tanks are concentrated in this area.

  At the same time, the project has moved from the early civil construction stage to the installation stage. The installation stage is a three-dimensional cross construction, multi-specialty, multi-work mixed operation, which puts a higher test on the safety, construction period, and quality of the project. In addition to taking regional key precautions, Dong Li said that Shanggao personnel must pass a physical examination before they can work.

  In addition to the tight project schedule, safe and civilized construction and higher quality standards than before, there are also climate factors that are testing the project construction.

  Fangchenggang is located in the Beibu Gulf, with obvious characteristics of subtropical monsoon climate. At the same time, it is located in a low latitude area. It is affected by the common influence of the ocean and the Shiwandashan Mountains and has sufficient rainfall. From May to August each year, the average temperature in Fangchenggang is the highest. The surface temperature can reach over 30 degrees at 8 o’clock in the morning. With abundant rainfall, the sun often comes out after the rain, which makes the air particularly hot and humid.

  Most front-line workers are from the Central Plains and northern regions. The harsh weather conditions keep the turnover rate of workers high.

  Geng Peijin, a worker from Suzhou, Anhui Province, is responsible for the construction of the seed tanks. He has been here for more than 7 months. He told reporters that at the beginning, there were about 600 people on this construction site. In the end, only 260 people remained. This was just the wastage rate of a construction area.

According to relevant statistics, after experiencing extreme weather such as typhoons, continuous high temperatures, and continuous rainstorms in July and August, the mobility of construction personnel was particularly high. 6,483 people were entered in the intelligent access control system of the factory, and the actual construction personnel were only 2,400. After completion of the training, the construction personnel left due to unsuitability to the climate, and the high wastage rate seriously affected the construction period of the project.

  Time is tight and tasks are heavy. This problem must be overcome. According to the local environment and construction characteristics, China Aluminum International allocates work schedules scientifically and rationally. From the regular 8-hour work to morning and evening shifts, depending on the type of work, it is changed to 6 am to 10 am, and 3:30 to 7 pm for construction to avoid high temperature periods.

  At the same time, fully considering the living and working conditions of laborers, air-conditioning is mandatory in every dormitory, and working pergola is set up on the construction site, equipped with cold drinks and fruits. Regarding the improvement of the salaries of labor workers, the deployment of incentive mechanisms.

  Through these measures, after several months of hard work, not only the delayed construction period has been caught up, but also the owner’s affirmation and reward. As of September, in the monthly “Huasheng Cup” labor competition appraisal conducted by the owners, Chinalco International has stood out among 30 appraisal units and won the September Gold Cup in the assessment of safety, quality, progress, and party building. And the silver cup and the special prize of the safety competition. Among them, the 12th Metallurgical Group, which won the first place in the “Engineering Construction Labor Competition”, awarded the “Huasheng Cup” gold cup and a bonus of 30,000 yuan, which was highly recognized by the owner. “For an individual, it is a fight for honor. For a company, it is to do a project, make friends, and retain performance.” Dong Li said.

  Only reformers enter, only innovators strong technological innovation-driven intelligent engineering As a member of the Chinalco Coastal Base Working Group, Wang Shifen, the professional leader of Huasheng project master plan, participated in the selection of the Huasheng project site.

As the overall design unit of the Huasheng project, Chinalco International has participated in the strategy since the Chinalco Group proposed the coastal aluminum industrial base strategy, providing strong technical support for the Huasheng project.

  Before the Spring Festival of 2015, Chinalco International assisted Chinalco in selecting the site of the project in the south of the Yangtze River in China. After a lot of work, the plan for Guangxi Fangcheng Port was determined.

  In addition to its location advantages, Fangcheng Port has natural deep-water port conditions. More than 100 berths have been built, 26 berths above 10,000-ton level, and a 200,000-ton steel base has been basically completed. The ocean transportation distance of ore from Guinea mining area to Fangcheng Port is the shortest in other domestic ports, and the ship can be unloaded directly into the factory area without barge. The cost of ore transportation is low. In addition, it has sufficient nuclear power, hydropower and clean energy, and has the ability to build ecological aluminum. The conditions of the base. In January 2017, the specific location of the current plant was finalized.

  Factory site review, external roads, arterial roads, coordination with the government to go through various procedures, as well as project land acquisition, roads, railways, etc., belt and red mud pipeline transportation need to provide technical support. In 2018, for the entire year, Wang Shifen frequently traveled back and forth between Guiyang and Fangcheng Port due to the needs of the preliminary technical work of the project. The train ticket alone was a huge pile.

  According to the characteristics of overseas ore raw materials, Chinalco International has also summarized and learned from the experience of many other domestic factories. Projects such as ore belt transportation and red mud transportation are the difficulties they designed to break through. It is understood that the red mud pipeline is 20 kilometers long. The passage of the pipeline through the ground involves land acquisition, and the problem is more complicated. “For example, the pipeline passes through hills, rivers, ponds, railways and highways, which have a lot of obstacles. This brings us more technical services.” At the same time, they also invested specifically in red mud transportation to learn from international consulting companies. .

  ”During the design process, we have conducted more than seven or eight technical reviews with the owner and related experts, constantly improving and optimizing the design to achieve the final predetermined quality target.” said Xu Bin, the design team leader of the Huasheng Project of Guiyang Institute. With the progress of the project, more and more professional design and service projects are required for the project, and the general drawing, electrical and equipment personnel have successively entered the factory for service.

  In order to make the Huasheng project an intelligent and digitized benchmark project, China Aluminum International fully implements three-dimensional design in terms of technology. The use of 3D models to express product design concepts is not only more intuitive and efficient, but also includes 3D functional models of physical and engineering characteristics such as quality, material, structure, etc., which can realize true virtual design and optimized design. This not only solves the problems of design collision inspection, material calculation, construction efficiency, etc., but also directly helps project delivery, operation and maintenance, and full life cycle management.

  Since the project is located on the coast and has environmental characteristics such as humidity, corrosion, high temperature, typhoon, etc., Chinalco International also focused on these environmental factors in its design, innovated forms, and adopted structural forms not used in other alumina plants. For example, in order to prevent corrosion, the pipe bracket uses concrete instead of traditional steel structure, although the progress of the steel structure can be faster.

  Only by adapting measures to local conditions and accurately designing can we achieve accurate construction and efficient operation of the project. To this end, China Aluminum International has continuously optimized the design of the scheme:

  In the bauxite transportation, after many on-site surveys, the original design adopts a full-line tube belt conveyor, which is optimized to a flat belt conveyor tube-belt combination method, which not only meets the transportation and routing requirements, but also saves investment.

  On the raw ore storage yard, the storage yard adopts a fully enclosed, large-span grid structure. Under the premise of meeting environmental protection requirements, compared with the traditional raw ore storage yard, the investment per ton of ore is lower and the stockpiling volume is larger. At the same time, the yard distribution system is different from the traditional way of hanging on the grid structure, and is changed to the ground concrete retaining wall support method, which is safer and more reliable than the traditional method.

  On the red mud pipeline, the total length is about 20 kilometers, and it spans 1 railway and 6 main roads. When pipelines traverse the roads, pre-embedded casing pipes are used to reduce the impact on the roads. In addition to installing casing pipes for pipelines that cross ponds, farmland, and roads and other special areas, set up emergency accident pools to minimize the possibility of environmental pollution.

  Engineering intelligence, automation, three-dimensional design, data-driven center, a series of scientific and technological achievements are applied in the Huasheng project. Chinalco International takes the creation of high-quality projects as its starting point to achieve standardization, standardization, and informatization of smart construction sites. At present, strengthening scientific and technological innovation and injecting scientific and technological innovation into the company’s high-quality development has become the unified consensus of Chinalco.

  After years of development, from industrial design, equipment manufacturing, and general engineering contracting to the current all-round engineering technology field, Chinalco International has world-class non-ferrous industrial technology and unique advantages. From technical support to raw material system, integrated pipeline network, red mud transportation, and red mud storage yard construction, more than 2,000 Chinalco International employees worked hard day and night to put the project into production on schedule. “Chinalco International is in the process of transformation and upgrading. I hope that Chinalco International can accumulate more experience in the Huasheng project, especially in the coastal projects. I also hope that their overall combat effectiveness can be further improved, and they can achieve success in the long-term team building. Greater achievement.” said Wang Shunxiang, general manager of Guangxi Huasheng New Materials Co., Ltd.

  Currently, China Aluminum International has entered a new period of development and is standing at a new historical starting point. As a very dynamic force of Chinalco, Chinalco International provides important support for Chinalco to become a world-class non-ferrous metal company with global competitiveness. “According to the requirements of the party group of Chinalco, do not forget the original aspiration, keep the mission in mind, make every effort to govern, innovate and strive for strength, and promote the company’s high-quality development with a pragmatic style.” Wu Jianqiang said.

The Huasheng project, as a benchmark project for Chinalco to achieve the “two seas” strategy and transformation and upgrading, under the leadership of the new leadership team of Chinalco headed by Yao Lin, is in the historical process of Chinalco’s high-quality development , Is about to stage a colorful Huazhang on the Beibu Gulf.

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