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Basic knowledge of the forklift

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The objects of the forklift are mostly pieces. Will fork up a variety of equipment (forklift), but also handling a variety of goods. The forklift is mainly composed of the following devices:

① power unit. Such as internal combustion engines and batteries – motors and so on.

② transmission. Divided into mechanical, hydraulic and hydraulic transmission devices.

③ steering device. Such as steering gear, steering wheel, steering rod and so on.

④ work device. Also known as mast, from the inner mast, the outer mast, fork, fork, sprocket, chain, lifting cylinder and tilt cylinder and other components.

⑤ hydraulic system and brake device. The main parameters representing the performance of the forklift are the rated lifting capacity at the standard lifting height and the standard load center distance. The distance from the center of the load is the distance between the center of gravity of the cargo.

Battery forklift use precautions

The first time you want to lift the wheel, so even if there is a connection error, it will not be dangerous.

When the battery is charged, the charging circuit must be completely disengaged from the chopper, since the overvoltage generated by the charger will damage the chopper in addition to the charge of the charger.

Pay special attention to the battery to the electronic control of the alignment should be arranged in parallel and to be as short as possible.

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