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Lost wax casting mechanical spare parts

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Key Specifications/Special Features:

Lost wax casting mechanical spare parts

  • Specifications:

    • Made by investment casting

    • Material: stainless steel

    • Surface treatment: sand blast

    • Design and production as per customer's requirements

    • We can make assembly products for you

    • Short delivery lead-time for both samples and orders

  • Investment casting process describing:

    • Wide range of alloys is available for both processes, includes carbon steels, low alloy steels, stainless steels, tool steels and copper based alloys

    • Other material may be available upon requests

    • Shell investment cast parts can range from a weight of just a few ounces to approximately 50 pounds

    • If you are concerned with precision in very small parts, we are especially proficient at very fine detail work including teeth and serrations

    • Water glass castings may range in weight from several ounces to approximately 175 pounds

    • Shell process does not have as good of surface finish or tolerances

    • Water glass process provides parts that have better surface finish and dimensional tolerances than sand castings

    • Shell process is used to cast complex high quality parts with requirements of a very good surface finish and close dimensional tolerances

    • Water glass process is typical of the process in the early stages of investment castings, it generally capable of much larger castings than the shell process

    • We offer customers two types of investment cast processes: the shell (Silicasol) process and the water glass process

    • Applications:

    • Surface appearance:

    • Castings weight:

    • Materials:

  • Our services:

    • First article layouts and spectrometer material certifications are provided with all first article samples

    • Variety of secondary operations can be performed on both types of investment castings, includes heat treatment, machining, plating, painting, polishing and buffing, assembly services and even custom packing

    • Quick response to inquiries, 8 hours feedback, effective offers in time, usually no more than 3 days

Primary Competitive Advantages:

  • Country of Origin

  • Experienced Staff

  • Guarantee/Warranty

  • Price

  • Product Performance

  • Prompt Delivery

  • Quality Approvals

  • Service

  • Small Orders Accepted

Main Export Markets:

  • Asia

  • Australasia

  • Central/South America

  • Eastern Europe

  • Mid East/Africa

  • North America

  • Western Europe

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