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Operation Mode And Advantages And Disadvantages Of Automobile Casting Process

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Operation Mode and Advantages and Disadvantages of Automobile casting Process

When the heat treatment of Automobile Casting, it is very low melting point, it is easy to deal with overheating, the temperature difference after heating is relatively small, Automobile Casting for the accuracy of the thermometer requirements are very high, if the heating after the insulation Deviation is relatively large, then can not complete the purpose of strengthening, we can see, for the control of hot metal die casting temperature is the key to the whole process, after several tests confirmed that the manual operation of the temperature and time Is the existence of contact, if the aging temperature is relatively high, then the insulation time will be short, and if the aging temperature is relatively low, then the insulation time will be a certain extension, with the first way to deal with the case for large quantities The production is a very discrete type, the control of the final product quality, and the use of the second way can make the product pass rate is improved, but also to ensure that the quality of the product process.

The advantages of die casting include the casting with excellent dimensional accuracy. Usually this depends on the casting material, the typical value is the initial 2.5 cm size when the error is 0.1 mm, and the error is increased by 0.002 mm for each additional 1 cm. Compared to other casting processes, its cast surface is smooth, rounded radius of about 1-2.5 microns. Molds with a wall thickness of about 0.75 mm can be made with respect to sandbox or permanent die casting. It can directly cast the internal structure, such as silk sets, heating elements, high-strength bearing surface. Other advantages include the ability to reduce or avoid secondary machining, production speed, casting tensile strength of up to 415 MPa, can cast high-mobility metal.

The biggest drawback of die casting is the high cost. Casting equipment and molds, Mold-related components are very expensive relative to other casting methods. So the manufacture of automotive die-casting when the production of a large number of products is more economical. Other shortcomings include: This process is only applicable to the higher mobility of metal, and casting quality must be between 30 grams and 10 kg. In the usual die casting, the final cast of a batch of castings will always have pores. And therefore can not carry out any heat treatment or welding, because the gas within the gap will be under the action of heat expansion, resulting in internal micro-defects and surface stripping.

The die casting method also has the following drawbacks:

(1) Die-cast alloys are restricted

Still need to study the material, mold materials and methods of operation.

(2) equipment is expensive

Equipment for die-casting production such as die-casting machine, melting furnace, holding furnace and die-casting mold and other costs are quite expensive.

(3) Poor airtightness of castings

As the melt through the high-speed filling into the die-casting mold, will produce the phenomenon of turbulence, local formation of pores or shrink holes, affecting the resistance of the insulation. There is currently a method of impregnation that can be used to improve air tightness.

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