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Characteristics of CNC machine tool series

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A CNC Cnc Machine tools, CNC processing center is actually processing center is written language, English name: cnc machining center and CNC and mostly in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Guangdong area more. This a area of people, milling machine in processing center of when called gongs things so milling machine also was called gongs bed, computer gongs also also stems from this, computer gongs as its name suggests is with computer to control of gongs bed, so also called NC milling, it actually is by NC milling machine upgrade and to of, principle is as of, different of is processing center in material Shang with of good, precision high, speed fast, load more, in appearance Shang also has improved, traditional of NC milling are is half cover type of and processing center most has been to full cover type, such on processing more of security, Can effectively prevent the spills and scraps of iron filings from spilling out. Computer Gong is a kind of automatic machines with program control system. The control system is able to deal with logic control coding procedures laid down in directive or other symbols, and decode it, which makes machine tools and machining parts. also known as CNC or CNC machine.

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