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casting for GIS Conductor

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casting service is one of our business. There are many casting jobs we have carried out for telecommunication, electrical vehicle, and power plant, etc.

To cope with the demanding industry, we have a mature R&D team with simulation and designing software. Our core members of the R&D team have more than 20 years’ experience in the industry and are capable of optimization in designing and production procedure.  With several patents in hand we keep close cooperation relationship with many technical and scientific academies. 

We have DM 3000 Heavy Duty Cold Chamber die casting machine with Full closed loop real-time control system and ABB Robot pickup and sprayer which can perfectly carry out the injection performance securing the stability and consistency of the products. We have already researched  on the products for 5G telecommunication. The maximal weight we can handle is 40Kg per piece.

The part in the attachment is GIS conductor.

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