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EOS will launch a larger and faster M 400-4 metal 3D printer

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EOS company from Germany is one of the world leaders in the field of metal 3D printing. Although its direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) 3D printing equipment has always been a market leader, the company continues to introduce new products and continue to introduce new products. Recently, according to EOS company’s disclosure, at the Chicago International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) two weeks later, they will show the company’s largest and fastest DLMS 3D printer EOS M 400-4 so far. It is said that this device is equipped with an ultra-fast four-laser system, and its four independent lasers can produce four parts at the same time. Readers of Tiangongsha may still remember that just less than a year ago, the company just launched a smaller and cheaper DLMS 3D printer M 100. Its target customers are those who are manufactured in small batches or have complete 3D printing technology. Unfamiliar company.
But in this latest product launch, EOS has gone completely in the opposite direction-seeking to break the boundaries of productivity, industrialization and part quality of current 3D printing technology. The previous EOS M290 was a huge success, but the M 400-4 increased productivity by four times with four lasers and a generation volume of 400×400×400 mm. Each of these four 400-watt lasers has a 250 x 250 mm build area (with 50 mm overlap), and can manufacture 4 parts at the same time. “In this way, it becomes an excellent choice for additive manufacturing applications that need to increase the manufacturing of metal parts by a factor of 4,” the company said.
In addition to its four lasers, the M 400-4 has some other enhancements. For example, its latest EOS ClearFlow process gas management system can ensure an optimal and consistent processing environment. This clever system can intelligently spread the gas to avoid interference with the laser. At the same time, it also has a circulating filter system that can reduce operating time and cost.
In addition, the company has also upgraded the EOSTATE Monitoring Suite to cope with the manufacturing needs of four lasers. “EOSTATE Monitoring Suite can ensure that the entire process meets the requirements of industrial manufacturing: it can monitor the powder bed, various parameters and laser power. Moreover, data preparation and calculation are independent of the construction process: prepared files can be transmitted via the network. “EOS’s engineer said.
At the same time, EOS ParameterEditor will allow to modify the material parameters. At present, M 400-4 can 3D print EOS NickelAlloy HX and EOS MaragingSteel MS1 materials, and it is expected to support more materials in the near future.
According to Dr. Adrian Keppler, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of EOS, this 3D printer perfectly fits its development strategy-to open up new industry markets. “For our industrial-grade product portfolio, EOS M 400-4 is a perfect complement. It shatters the boundaries of manufacturing because it can satisfy our industry partners in terms of efficiency, scalability, availability, and process monitoring. The most demanding requirements.” He said. “Because the system provides a modular platform specifically designed for industrial 3D printing, it can be easily integrated into the existing production environment and customized for future innovations.” According to Tiangong’s understanding, although this The 3D printer will not really appear until the IMTS show in Chicago, but EOS has already found its first user-Siemens. “We chose the EOS M400-4 system to take our additive manufacturing to a higher level-from small size, single laser to large size, multiple lasers. By using a larger 3D printing platform, higher productivity, and With the new processing system, new thinking in gas turbine design will be realized in the factory.” said Andreas Graichen of Siemens Finspang Additive Manufacturing Competence Center.

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