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What are the advantages of CNC machine tool for large fabrication

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What are the advantages of CNC machine tool for large fabrication

In the application of CNC technology in large fabrication, it's necessary to transfer the pre-prepared operation program to the electronic computer, then the machine tools can be totally operated and controlled through the computer, which greatly increases the work efficiency, quality, and precision of the large fabrication project.

What exactly are Cnc Machine tools?

CNC machine tools are a typical product of mechatronics. CNC machine tool control technology is a multi-disciplinary comprehensive technology integrating computer and software technology, automatic control technology, electronic technology, automatic detection technology, hydraulic and pneumatic technology, and precision machinery.

What are the benefits of CNC machine tool for metal fabrication projects?

CNC machine tool is not free from disadvantages: high initial cost. However, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages when you're working with that dependable CNC technology. There can be many benefits of using CNC machine tools for metal fabrication projects, including (but not limited to):

Good adaptability

CNC machine tools are highly adaptable to different parts, can machine parts with complex shapes. Just by changing the program, the CNC machine tool can adapt to the automatic machining of different types and sizes of workpieces. This provides great convenience for single-piece, small-batch production and trial production of new products with complex structures. Especially for workpieces with precision complex surfaces (such as spiral surfaces) which are difficult or impossible to machine by ordinary machine tools, CNC machine tools can realize the auto machining as well.

High machining precision, stable quality

At present, the minimum movement (pulse equivalent) of tools and worktables controlled by CNC machine tools is generally 0.0001mm. And the CNC system can automatically compensate for the backlash and screw pitch deviation of the feed drive chain so that the CNC machine tool can achieve high precision.

Furthermore, the auto machining method of CNC machine tool avoids the deviation caused by the man-made operation. Therefore, the same batch of workpieces has a better size consistency, high pass rate and stable machining quality.

High production efficiency

Due to the high rigidity of the CNC machine tool structure, it allows powerful cutting with a large amount of cutting. The speed and feeds of the auxiliary shaft and spindle are larger than that of ordinary machine tools. Therefore, the selectivity of the optimal cutting amount improves the cutting efficiency of the CNC machine tool and saves time. The production efficiency of CNC machine tool can be 2-3 times higher than that of the ordinary ones. 

Have good economic benefits

By using CNC machine tools can save time for marking, adjustment, machining and inspection, and can save production costs, tooling design and manufacturing costs.

Save the labor

CNC machine tools have high-level automation, that can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers so that reduces the number of operators. Meantime, it is conducive to modern management and can be developed to a more advanced manufacturing system.

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