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Cutting method of aluminum cutting machine

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Although the aluminum cutting machine is embarrassed to cut materials, its characteristics are not very solid and sticky. The main reason is that its chips simply stick to the tool, so it is classified as embarrassing to cut materials. The common cutting methods of aluminum cutting machines are listed below for your reference and make your choice according to your actual situation.

  • 1. Flame cutting. The use of gas cutting simply does not work. , The pipe port must be discolored, and the oxide melting points of chromium-nickel-aluminum materials, aluminum and aluminum alloys are all higher than the melting point of the material itself, so it cannot be cut by oxygen cutting.
  • 2. Carbon arc gouging. Carbon arc gouging refers to the use of graphite rods or the arc generated between the carbon rod and the workpiece to melt the metal and blow it off with compressed air to finish processing the grooves on the surface of the metal. Carbon arc has smoke, dust pollution and arc radiation. Many metal residues after melting and cooling are attached to the inner wall, which is difficult to remove.
  • 3. Wire cutting. The use of wire cutting and fast-moving wire can meet the quality requirements of blocking. However, it should be noted that the end of the pipe will change color after wire cutting, and it needs to be polished. The slow speed is unbearable, and the small production volume can be considered. Outsourcing processing does not need to be invested. The speed is slow and the batch is small.
  • 4. Grinding wheel cutting machine (cooperative full-active steel pipe end face burr removal machine). In terms of cutting with a general grinding wheel cutting machine, there are burrs and hanging edges. The use of a fully active aluminum cutting machine end burr removal machine can achieve a very good application effect and a low cost. The grinding wheel is only consumed when it is a bit large and the appropriate amount is small.
  • 5. Active appearance lathe. The exterior lathe is aimed at cutting very thin-walled aluminum cutting machines (wall thickness 0.3~0.4mm). It is recommended to use high-quality white steel or high-end steel knives. Although the purchase cost is higher, it is more durable and the cut surface is very smooth. This method has a low degree of initiative and high labor intensity. The power of the active lathe may be greatly improved through the automatic modification of the exterior lathe, but the high-speed rotation of the six-meter-long steel pipe will damage the thin-walled steel pipe.
  • 6. Active steel pipe peeling machine. Similar to the active surface lathe, but the tool is rotated and fed, and the pipe does not move, which solves the inconvenience caused by the rotation of the over-length steel pipe. The cutting method that two knives can be processed together can be selected, which can end the blocking of one knife and correct the section of the steel pipe together with the other knife. The cnc machining power is high, and it is very convenient to sharpen the knife with the use of cemented carbide tools. It can be sharpened on a general grinder, and the cost of the tool is high. Actively end the functions of steel pipe feeding, sizing, clamping, tool feeding, loosening, etc., and actively circulate.
  • 7. Metal circular saw. If the cutting is good, it can end multiple cutting together, but the chips simply stick to the tool. Use chrome-plated or nitrided saw blades for cutting. Do not use titanium-plated saw blade tools, because many manufacturers often make high profits. The use of poor quality saw blades for vapor deposition makes the aluminum machining material cut after cutting will cause thermal deformation. The knives need to be sharpened continuously, and a special sharpener is required. If you are not careful while working, the saw blade will crack. Saw blade operation cost is appropriately high. Good-quality and inexpensive knives are hard to find, and fakes are always flying when you buy saw blades.
  • 8. Hob chipless cutting machine. The Chengdu active hob cutting machine only needs a circular edge without serrations. While rolling, it feeds inward, the blocking is smooth and lubricated, there is no iron filings, no burrs, and the inner wall is slightly closed. Coupled with special tooling, the closing phenomenon can be greatly improved, and the installation cost is low, which is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. When cutting aluminum with a wall thickness of 0.3 mm, tearing will occur at the moment of blocking, and the nozzle will be severely deformed. If it is specially installed, it can be completely processed.
  • 9. Plasma cutting. Active plasma cutting machine is fast, but there are many molten and cooled metal residues on the inner wall, which is very troublesome to clean up. Most of the plasma cutting will generate heat, so the pipe port must change color, and it is difficult to adjust the parameters, which simply results in poor blocking quality.
  • 10. Waterjet. The quality of waterjet cutting is good, but the installation price is expensive, and the cost of using electricity and consumables is high. Waterjet cutting of aluminum stamping is not ideal because it is sticky.
  • 11. Laser. Fast speed, good quality, expensive installation price, suitable for planning large capital surplus enterprises, when your enterprise becomes bigger and stronger, you must choose one of the equipment.

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