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Key features of high quality steel pressure vessels

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As we known, a steel pressure vessel is a container designed to hold gases or liquids at a pressure substantially from the ambient pressure. Therefore, the pressure differential is the key feature comparing the pressure vessel to common tank, it is dangerous, and there were many fatal accidents have occurred during the development of pressure vessel. Today, people take the safety as a top priority when choosing the raw material and using a pressure vessel.

Openex, as a metal works fabrication manufacturer, we strive to produce high quality and the most safety products for our customers. Here are several points that possibly help you to distinguish whether the pressure vessel is good or not.

1. Perfect structural design and precise fabrication to meet the process of system

Generally speaking, the pressure vessel will be used to match other equipment, so the structural should be designed to connect other parts perfectly. The size, angle and welding must be high precision.

As the pressure vessel is designed to a pressure, there is typically a safety valve or relief valve to ensure that this pressure is not exceeded in operation.

2. Meet the chemical properties requirement of the media that will be contained

The media will be contained is the core factor affecting the material selection of steel pressure vessel. Different medias have different chemical properties, To produce high quality pressure vessel, these kinds of chemical properties information should be taken into account,

l In application where carbon steel would suffer corrosion, special corrosion resistant material should be used.

l To contain flammable or toxic gases/liquids, the pressure vessels will be required with high sealing performance to avoid leakage.

3. Meet the physical properties requirement of media

In addition to the chemical properties requirement of the media, so is the physical properties requirement should be satisfied. For a good quality steel pressure vessel, maximum allowable working pressure, maximum temperature, minimum design metal temperature, etc.

4. Meet the national standards

There is a series of national standards about steel pressure vessel in China. These various of standards provide rules of safety, design, manufacture and maintenance of pressure vessels. High quality pressure vessels should comply with the rules strictly.

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