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manufacturing 12 meters steel cylinder

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The set of WZ TH6920 horizon boring and milling machine is equipped with universal heads, right angle heads, and Siemens 840DSL CNC rotary milling machine, etc. It can realize 5-faces machining operation, having characteristics of high rigidity and efficient transmission.


The large size machine has been applied in fields of metallurgy, energy, electric power, shipbuilding, oil & gas, etc.

This time the machine was used to cater to high precision machining for a national renown petrochemical equipment manufacturer, and the project required metalworking services for steel cylinder with a length of 12 meters, we were involved in multiple services including cutting, beveling operation, rolling, welding and machining.


The machine showed mighty machining capability in the beveling operation as the photos attached.

manufacturing 12 meters steel cylindermanufacturing 12 meters steel cylinder

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